Trip to Sheffield!


I apologise it has been forever since my last blog post, I have been SO busy with exams and other things.

Anyway, last week I took a trip to Sheffield for a couple of days. I stayed with my sister and although the weather wasn’t the best, we still made the most out of it!

I took the train (by myself for the first time) and it was a peaceful journey I must say.

The next day me and my sister visited Weston Park museum and the park itself as well. But firstly we went for some ‘brunch’ in a small cafe named “Vettles“. I had American pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup along with a latte (tasty I know!)

After visiting the museum and park, we made our way to the arts tower (which was only a short walk) and enjoyed the views of Sheffield from the top floor. It was a beautiful view (as you can tell by the pictures) and I wish I could have stayed longer!!

Later on during the day, we visited some retro shops such as the “Record Collector” and “Of The Wild“. They were both adorable and I wish I had shops like these where I live!!

Towards the evening as we were strolling back to my sisters house, we took a D tour to the Botanical Gardens which are insane!! At this point it was raining but I didn’t care because it all still looked beautiful.

I don’t know what it is about Sheffield but it makes me so happy !! I think its just the thought of being somewhere different and away from everything back home! 

Anybody else been anywhere interesting ? I’d love to know!

Em x


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