Trip to Sheffield!


I apologise it has been forever since my last blog post, I have been SO busy with exams and other things.

Anyway, last week I took a trip to Sheffield for a couple of days. I stayed with my sister and although the weather wasn’t the best, we still made the most out of it!

I took the train (by myself for the first time) and it was a peaceful journey I must say.

The next day me and my sister visited Weston Park museum and the park itself as well. But firstly we went for some ‘brunch’ in a small cafe named “Vettles“. I had American pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate syrup along with a latte (tasty I know!)

After visiting the museum and park, we made our way to the arts tower (which was only a short walk) and enjoyed the views of Sheffield from the top floor. It was a beautiful view (as you can tell by the pictures) and I wish I could have stayed longer!!

Later on during the day, we visited some retro shops such as the “Record Collector” and “Of The Wild“. They were both adorable and I wish I had shops like these where I live!!

Towards the evening as we were strolling back to my sisters house, we took a D tour to the Botanical Gardens which are insane!! At this point it was raining but I didn’t care because it all still looked beautiful.

I don’t know what it is about Sheffield but it makes me so happy !! I think its just the thought of being somewhere different and away from everything back home! 

Anybody else been anywhere interesting ? I’d love to know!

Em x


24 hour super stay lip gloss by Meybelline!

Recently I’ve been trying out the 24 hour super stay lip gloss by Maybelline. I purchased number 185 in the colour rose dust and although it is a nice colour I am not “buzzing” about it like other people.

I feel like it is too sticky but in my opinion I prefer lip sticks but thought I’d give it a try.

The packaging for the lip gloss is very nice and simple. It is an all in one product, one side being for the lip gloss itself and the other half for the condition.

After applying the lip gloss itself you then apply the conditioner/cover for your lip gloss and I do believe the conditioner for your lips is very good! And the lip gloss didn’t smudge onto the conditioning stick unlike I thought it would!

So therefore there are some positives yet also some negatives on this product (but this is only my opinion!!)

Please let me know what lip glosses / lip sticks you have been trying out recently because I would love to know what you have been liking! (And also try for myself!! )
Much love x







My pumpkins🎃

So here is my step to step method of how I created my 2 pumpkins!

Step 1: Cut out a hole at the top of your pumpkin.


Step 2: time to get messy! Yes you have to clean out all of that gunk inside the pumpkin.



Step 3: Your pumpkin should now look something like this…


Step 4: Draw on the face or shape you would like to cut out.

Step 5: Cut out the face or shape that you have drawn on and hope for the best!!



Step 6: Place and light a candle inside of your pumpkin and enjoy!

Here is my final result!




Idea’s for pumpkins!

So guys today I bought 2 pumpkins ready for halloween. Tomorrow i’m going to carve them both and I want to do a simple cut out of a face on one of the pumpkins and then on the other try something different.

Here are some pictures that I found on the internet that I think I might attempt! 

And you should too!!

I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow of how my 2 pumpkins turned out like in the end!

wish me look…




So today I thought I’d try out the BarryM hi-shine nail gelly!

I chose a baby pink colour and have to admit I love it!!
Once it has dried, your nails still keep the shine.Also I have managed not to chip the polish so far!
I think this is a keeper guys!!




so I thought as an introduction to my blog I’d post some pictures of myself 😊