My pumpkins🎃

So here is my step to step method of how I created my 2 pumpkins!

Step 1: Cut out a hole at the top of your pumpkin.


Step 2: time to get messy! Yes you have to clean out all of that gunk inside the pumpkin.



Step 3: Your pumpkin should now look something like this…


Step 4: Draw on the face or shape you would like to cut out.

Step 5: Cut out the face or shape that you have drawn on and hope for the best!!



Step 6: Place and light a candle inside of your pumpkin and enjoy!

Here is my final result!




Idea’s for pumpkins!

So guys today I bought 2 pumpkins ready for halloween. Tomorrow i’m going to carve them both and I want to do a simple cut out of a face on one of the pumpkins and then on the other try something different.

Here are some pictures that I found on the internet that I think I might attempt! 

And you should too!!

I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow of how my 2 pumpkins turned out like in the end!

wish me look…